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Pacific Resources International (PRI) is a privately-held USA Holding Company for manufacturing investments in China.

Through leveraging our management capabilities at our China factories and offices, we provide consulting and assistance for new manufacturing start-ups or restructuring of existing factories.

PRI is an organization with proven expertise in building businesses in China and surrounding regions. PRI is headed up by a team comprised of individuals from the United States, New Zealand, South Africa, and Malaysia, and is focused on building best practice business operations. We are an organic organization growing in strength, with a network of entrepreneurial people, both expatriate and indigenous. PRI's connections enable us to draw personnel from all backgrounds and areas of expertise needed for successful business operations in China and around the world. We have experience in Marketing, Joint Ventures (JV's) and Wholly Foreign Owned Enterprises (WFOE). We have worked with companies ranging in size from $3 million to $1.2 billion, and started factories ranging in size from $850,000 to $10 million.

We can help with:
  • Business Plans
  • Site Feasibility
  • Initial Start Up
  • Cultural Understanding
  • Economic Models
  • Headhunting (Manager Search)
  • Subcontracting of Management Teams
  • Equity Investment
  • Internship
While we have primarily helped companies get started in Asia, we have also sought out long-term expatriate and local help for our clients with great success.

PRI has done extensive work with:
  • Automotive Companies
  • Energy Efficient Lighting Companies
  • Telecommunication Companies
  • Machining Companies
  • Printed Circuited Board & Plating Companies
  • Medical Companies

Although PRI is a USA-owned company, our headquarters (PRI Consulting LLC) is located in Beijing with approximately 21 staff, including five non-nationals. In addition to our Beijing Headquarters, we have four offices in other China locations, and have equity holdings in five China-based factories and two media companies.

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