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LOCATIONS > Chengdu Office

Sichuan, Chengdu
Gao Xin District
Zi Jing Xi Lu #58
Zi Jing Ming Yuan #5-3-5
People's Republic of China (PRC)

Mike Zelechowski
Mobile: (86)137 0907 4019
Email: mikez@priusa.com

Development of Western China summary - The central government of China is currently creating a craze by placing strong emphasis on promoting trade and investment in Western China. Chengdu office is well placed to assist companies expand into the west.

Mike graduated with an MBA in December of 1990. He taught International Business in China for one year and there became familiar with PRI. He began working in PRI's USA headquarters in January, 1993 and arrived in Chengdu permanently in 1996. He brings a wealth of hands on experience and is especially skilled at taking projects from the planning stage and seeing them through to smooth, concrete, and successful implementations within the local environment. Recently, Chengdu office has also successfully acted as a sourcing (IPO) for a US company.

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