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A-6-6, Zijing Garden
29 Tianchen Road
Shapingba District
Chongqing 400030
People's Republic of China (PRC)

William McGirr
Email: info@priusa.com

Chongqing is situated on the Yangtze River which gives the major benefit of several river ports providing cost effective, bulk transport to Shanghai and beyond. It is also located in the Western Development Zone and offers many incentives to companies wishing to set up production plants. This thriving city is the center of China's motorcycle production with 5 million motorcycles being produced annually for the domestic and overseas market. The major motorcycle companies are Jialing-Honda, Zhongshen and Lifan. With its vast population of 30 million and the Central governments push for development, Chongqing has many opportunities for investment and sales.

William McGirr runs the operations at the PRI branch in Chongqing. Will graduated with a BSc (Honors) in July 1992 from Queen's University, UK. He is married with four children and has been living and studying in Chongqing for the past four years. During his time in Chongqing he has become very familiar with the city, business and government of China's fourth municipality. He set up a representative office for PRI in April 2002 and seeks to facilitate the establishment of foreign businesses in this city and projects mutual benefits for both the city and the investors. Will brings a wealth of local knowledge, contacts, and experience to the PRI family.

PRI-Chongqing specializes in fast and accurate feasibility studies, site selection, purchase of buildings and market research.

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