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Customer Visits

Let us tailor, manage and host your China visit. Most OEM sales in China require interface at 3 levels; executive, engineering and purchasing. Let us use our outstanding contact network to help you get exposure with the right people.

First hand experience. See it for yourself. Meet and talk with:
  • Existing customers who have operations in China
  • Chinese customers in your market
  • Key suppliers
  • Equipment Suppliers
  • Market shapers

Let our TEAM provide:
  • Scheduling and arrangements using your contacts and ours
  • Translation and interpretation, name cards and/or brochures (outsourced)
  • Making the right appointments
  • Standards and who makes them
  • Exhibition coordination (what shows are available?)

Meet with our management team at the end of your trip to show you one of our factories, put your observations in perspective and help create a China Strategy framework.
  • Analysis: What does the data mean? What is not obvious?
  • Strategies: What next? How to execute? What are the risks?
  • Cost to fit your budget

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