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Factory Incubation - "Piggy Back"

  • Do you need China manufacturing yesterday?
  • How can you minimize the start-up overhead costs?
  • Are you looking for a staged approach to China manufacturing C start small and grow from there?

An increasingly popular PRI service is Factory Incubation or what we call the "Piggy Back" option. This can be a key step in implementing your China Strategy.

In this scenario you nest your new China manufacturing operation literally within one of our existing PRI factories and incubate it to growth from there. You share our staff, our facility and other resources to give you the base from which to grow. You dont need to hire your own accountants, HR managers, customs managers etc until you are ready. You can let PRI recruit your staff at your speed, and then manage them while you build up your China team, manufacturing capability and legal entity.

When you are ready, you can then move out into your own facility, with team, manufacturing ability, equipment, customers etc all in place.

Advantages are:
  • Speed C we can have you up and running in weeks
  • Flexibility C you grow as quickly as you want
  • Low cash outlay and lower overhead compared to starting your own facility
  • Benefit from our existing staff & China experience
  • Minimize facility up-fit costs
  • You can do business in RMB
  • Less of your management time required C we help you manage your team

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