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Financial Model I

What can you really expect in China?
What does the ¡°China Price¡± really mean?

Let us build for you an initial financial expectation. This first financial model looks at
  • Cost models
  • What savings can be expected?
  • What costs are unique?

Our Difference: Real world, real time data. We know manufacturing costs and true cost modeling.

Our senior management team members have operated over 30 separate companies in China over the past 20+ years. Let us take our extensive experience and turn it into an initial financial model. We will examine:
  • Total labor costs (structures, benefits, turn over and training)
  • Engineering
  • Material/Sourcing, raw materials, components, equipment, tooling, facility)
  • Taxes (VAT, income, rebates, import duties, ¡°other¡±, investment, repatriation)

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