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Financial Model II

Economic Analysis.
PRI has vast experience in China manufacturing, and is able to draw upon this to prepare a financial analysis that will reflect actual China conditions. As part of your China Strategy you will need to test your assumptions against real world data. This will provide an excellent indication of the profitability of the company and the initial investment required. Also, when the company registration is carried out, the economic analysis can be included in the feasibility study which is required for the WFOE application.

PRI anticipates that the Financial Plan will be best prepared in co-operation with your financial structure. PRI will contribute the China cost data while your company will contribute process costs and other relevant information. We believe that this could best be accomplished by PRI sending our business analyst to your factory to develop this plan over a three to five day period.

This financial plan will include the following:
  • Market and Revenue Assumptions
  • Management & Staff, with proposed salary scale and org chart
  • Start-up Project Plan (first six months, Microsoft Project)
  • Capital Expenditure Plan
  • Brief listing of critical risks and problems
  • A financial analysis, including:
    1. Income statement (3 year)
    2. Cash flow Projections (3 year)
    3. Simple Balance Sheet (3 year)
    4. Break-even analysis (3 year)
    5. Use of funds (1 year)

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