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Government Relations

Working with the local and national government is part of doing business in China and must be part of your China Strategy. Our experience is that we spend 1-2% of budget on government relations in one form or another. Learning to do that well can be painful, expensive and often elusive. Let our talented and professional team help free you up to do what you do best. Sooner or later you will need help in working with the government on:
  • People
  • Land (price, use, taxes, deeds and approvals)
  • Building (design, ratios, approvals)
  • Customs, imports, exports, equipment and VAT
  • Processes and approvals (EPA)
  • Standards (CCC, SFDA and GB)
  • Financial requirements and ratio's
  • Distribution
  • Licenses for controlled items or processes
  • Company registration assistance
  • Application and approval of business license changes.

Our team can provide an initial assessment of the difficulties and challenges that you will face with your specific China Strategy. We can also provide very experienced senior managers to help mitigate the impact of these on your organization and strategies.

We are based in Beijing and can help you navigate the national government relations process in a completely ethical and open manner.

Our services can be on a retainer basis where we help resolve government relations issues as they occur or on a one-off basis. PRI's government relations services have successfully helped many foreign companies achieve approvals and licenses, enabling them to meet start-up, production and expansion goals.

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