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M&A Transition Assessment

In an M&A few people adequately assess the challenges and processes of integrating this new entity into a global supply and manufacturing chain. We approach M&A from the execution perspective. Let our team of experienced managers provide both an analysis and transition plan to assist you to achieve your stated China Strategy goals. This assessment is not to replace any other work being done to determine value, but only to create a management transition roadmap. We also provide contract management options.

  1. PRI conducts a separate operational and transition review.

  2. This would involve an anticipated 15+ man days of work for various members of the PRI management team.

  3. Management and Operational Audit Includes:

    • Existing Management's Strengths and Weaknesses
    • Quality Systems and Support
    • Supplier Lists
    • Government Support
    • Operational Process Assessments
    • Sales and Marketing Policies, and Practices
    • IPR, Trademark, Patent's
    • HR Polices, Practices and Cultural Issues
    • Finance/Accounting Policies and Practices

  4. We would provide a written management transition roadmap with a timetable of which areas of the company that we believe should be addressed first, resources needed with changes recommended.

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