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Sales & Marketing Office

We believe in taking measured steps in a successful China Strategy. One strategy we have found very successful has been to hire a dedicated sales/applications engineer to establish your China Sales and Marketing Office.

China is currently graduating over 400,000 engineers each year. Let us recruit, hire and manage talented and eager sales staff to begin to execute your China Strategy. These staff, representing your China Sales/Marketing office, are managed inside one of our existing manufacturing operations. They are supported by a team of sourcing, program, design and other sales engineers. They share contacts, ideas and information, but they are 100% "your man on the ground". We provide the support and accountability to help keep them focused and working toward achieving your China Strategy.

Flexibility: This nested sales engineer saves you the time and investment to set up your own company or representative office. If/when you do have your own presence in China, this person can easily transfer to that operation as this person is focused exclusively on helping achieve your company goals.

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