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Where you register your company is one of the most important decisions that you will make in your China Strategy. Location affects cost, quality and delivery. You need an objective analysis. We accept no benefit in any form from the zones we approach. There are vast differences between locations. Let our specialized project management team sort out the details for you by providing a quantitative and qualitative comparison with clear recommendations. We will:
  • Let over 35 Development Zones bid to get your project
  • Evaluate options based on proximity to Suppliers and Customers
  • Talk to customers about proximity and delivery expectations
  • Compare various tax incentives
  • Understand the regulatory process and operating permits necessary
  • Analyze bank financing options between rent/lease/greenfield choices
  • Locate Engineering talent for your industry
  • Survey what areas have International Schools for your Expat manager

Let us also help you build your financial model to determine your financial requirements for your site. What cost structure will be required for you to compete in China?

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