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Strategies ĘC Risks

Need: How to make sense of the various entry strategies into China?
  • What legal form is best?
  • How do the new tax laws effect realized profits?
  • What are the issues associated with each form?
  • Afraid of loosing your intellectual property?
  • How to grow one step at a time?
  • What risks exist for slow growth?
  • Understand risks associated with people, capital, technology and markets
  • Let us review your contracts for China optimization


This can be as simple as a phone call or as involved as several days off-site with your team. The deliverable can be a meeting in the US or a written response to questions posed.

Some companies succeed in China and others do not. Many companies fail when approaching China because they lack the international experience to create the different strategic paradigm to adapt to local uniquenesses. Let us take our internal experience and our observations of hundreds of companies to help make sense of what options are available.

Our company focus is to use information and consulting to support execution strategies. Our team will present various options, associated risks and resource contributions necessary for each strategy.

Most companies we work with are small to medium size OEM suppliers. For many companies China is their first serious overseas market, so capital, management, engineering and technology need to be applied cautiously.

Whether it is capital, engineering services, tooling suppliers or even strategic partnerships, we can identify for you various resource options to help implement your China Goals while keeping IP protection and risk management in mind.

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